Swedish Traffic accident statistics (2021)

General Topic Stats
Number of deaths 200-300 / year
Severe injuries 3000 / year
Mild injuries 20000 / year
Alcohol and drug related 20%
Cause traffic accident 15% of the population is involved in 50% of all accidents
Not wearing seatbelt 40%
% Men killed 80%
Wildlife accidents (Large animals) 65000 / year
Annual cost to society 25-50 billion kr / year
Pedestrain killed at 30km/h 10%
Pedestrain killed at 50km/h 80%
Pedestrain killed at 90km/h ~100%

Statistic on different age groups

Age group Risk Level
18 - 19 year old 5 -6 times higher risk
45 - 54 year old Lower risk Best reaction times Fewest accidents
65 - 74 year old Medium risk Have experience Adapt driving style towards their limitations. (Avoid driving at busy times, or late at night)
75+ 5 - 6 times higher risk same as 18 - 19 year olds

The following table indicates the deaths on Swedish roads per year

Year Deaths
1950 595
1960 1036
1970 1307
1980 848
1990 772
2000 591
2010 266
2019 221
2020 204
2021 192

As can see below single vehicle accidents are the highest

Accident Type Number of deaths
Turning off 9
Bicycle and moped 20
Pedestrians 23
Junction 11
Head-on 43
Overtaking 4
Single vehicle 51
Trying to catch up 10
Animals 3
Other 18

Where do most accidents occur?

Location Reason Accident serious
Built-up areas Lots of cars, lots of signals and information to process Low speed usually arent that serious accidents
Outside Built-up areas Due to the high speed. The car will loose control and crash Due to the high speed these accidents are very serious and deadly

Other areas where accidents occur

Location Reason Accident serious
Left turn on country roads Cars can crash into you from behind Serious accident
Intersections (typically with right hand rule) Drivers gets confused who should drive first and drive into each other Due to the low speed these accidents are not serious
Overtaking Drivers misjudge the speed of other vehicles or the distance the need to travel to be able to over take Due to the high speed these accidents are very serious
Dense queues Start stop driving, Drivers loose concentration and drive into the back of the car in front of them Low speed not serious
Weekends (Friday, Saturday, sunday) People are out partying or visiting family Serious and not serious combination
Summer vacation People are visiting family. Can be intoxicated or tired Serious and not serious combination
Late night between 02 am - 05 am People are usually very tired or intoxicated Serious and not serious combination

Vision Zero

Vision Zero is an international movement that aims to reduce traffic deaths and life-changing injuries to zero while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. It addresses all collisions, whether people travel by foot, wheelchair, bike, motorcycle, car, or truck. 1997 the Swedish Riksdag adapted the euopean vision zero agenda. The focus of vision zero is to make roads safer. Safer cars (ABS brakes, airbags, etc), safer roads (Speed bumps, lower speed, more eco friendly environments etc). Also upskilling drivers on better driving behaviour