The following lessons follow a structured approach to learn the driving license theory with relevant questions after each lesson.

Lesson 1

The road

Lesson 2

The stop sign

Lesson 3

The give way sign

Lesson 4

The priority road

Lesson 5

The fundamental rules and how to drive safety

Lesson 6

Defensive driving style

Lesson 7

Different learning styles

Lesson 8

The right hand rule

Lesson 9

The left turning rule

Lesson 10

What is the exit rule

Lesson 11

Precedence in traffic

Lesson 12

Lane selection and vehicle positioning

Lesson 13


Lesson 14

Country road driving

Lesson 15


Lesson 16

Vehicle lights

Lesson 17

Driving in night time

Lesson 18

Vehicles dashboard lights and symbols

Lesson 19

The length and width of a vehicle

Lesson 20


Lesson 21

Vehicle safety, crumple zones and safety belt

Lesson 22

How to use a child safety seat

Lesson 23

Vehicle steering, over steering, under steering and ESC

Lesson 24

Securing a load on a trailer

Lesson 25

Trailer load and weight calculations

Lesson 26

Reaction time and stopping distance

Lesson 27

Vehicle and trailer brakes

Lesson 28

The maturity and age of a driver

Lesson 29

Visual and hearing impaired people in traffic

Lesson 30

How to drive at a pedestrian crossing

Lesson 31

The bicycle crossing

Lesson 32

Elderly people in traffic

Lesson 33

Driving in winter road conditions, ice and snow

Lesson 34

Driving on a clearway

Lesson 35

The motorway

Lesson 36


Lesson 37

Driving in zones and on special streets

Lesson 38

Alternative lanes

Lesson 39

Parking and stopping scenarios

Lesson 40

How to drive across a railway and level crossings

Lesson 41

How to perform routine vehicle maintenance

Lesson 42

Vehicle registration certificate

Lesson 43

Vehicle Insurance and 3rd party insurance

Lesson 44

Vehicle road worthiness inspection

Lesson 45

Statistic of traffic accidents

Lesson 46

Animals and wildlife accidents

Lesson 47

Common causes for accidents

Lesson 48

Drugs and narcotics in traffic

Lesson 49

Being tired while driving

Lesson 50

How to make your vehicle more fuel efficient

Lesson 51

How to drive more economically

Lesson 52

Greenhouse gas and the impact of vehicles on the planet and environment

Lesson 53

Dangerous particles and molecules, and their impact on nature

Lesson 54

Different types of fuel

Lesson 55

Different vehicles and their max speed allowed

Lesson 56

Age and requirements for different driving licenses