There is alot of children around the streets. Children tend to behave alittle spontanious at times and can make the very unpredicatable. Usually at the age of 9-15 years old can children be safe in and around traffic. However there is still periods that children at this age can behave irresponsibly. Thus when you see any children next to the road always prepare to act, reduce your speed and ensure that you allow for enough safety margin

Children behavior and senses

Children have not had the required amount of time to learn all the different dangerouse scenarious in and around the road. Their senses are still very under developed

Things to consider about a child limitations

  • Children cant see over cars: Children are usually shorter then cars, thus they cant see over a cars roof to look for on comming traffic. Be cautious that kids might run out behind cars because you cant see them either
  • Children vision are still developing: Children vision between near and far object takes awhile to adjust. Kids tend to focus on the object immediately around them and arent that concerend with objects far away. They might not even notice your car
  • Difficulty determining a risky situation: When you are low to the ground the speed at which a fast and or slow object moves is very difficult to predict. Thus kids have difficulty determining risk in a traffic environment
  • Traffic pollution: Dont keep your car idling too long in a resedential area or close to a school. Kids can develope astma from toxic fumes
road marking school speed limit

Crossing guard at a school

Crossing guards have no legal rights or authorised to stop you. But they are there to make the pedestrian crossing more visible

Crossing guards role

  • Make the crossing more visible
  • Ensure kids cross the road quickly and safely
  • Alert drivers of children crossing