Bus lane (Public transport lane)

Special lanes are marked out on the road for busses. This allow them to avoid heavy traffic congestion and still remain on schedule

Other vehicles that can use the bus lane

  • Class II mopeds
  • Cyclist
  • Other vehicles if specified on an additonal pannel (Usually it will say "Bus lane - Inc Taxi"
  • Emergency vehicles eg: Ambulance, police

Bus lanes also have bus sign marking on the road You can be fined for driving on the Bus lane. You can also be fined for blocking a bus on the Bus lane

d10 1 Reserved lane or carriageway for vehicles operating a regular service. (D10)
m28 1 Bus lane Road marking.

Reversible lane

On a road with thes markings the lanes can be changed to any direction as required. This is usually used where there is heavy traffic on certain times of the day. In mornings two lanes can be assigned for vehicles driving into the city and in the evening two lanes can be assigned for vehicles driving out of the city The direction of flow is indicated by traffic signals

m7 1 Reversible lane (M7)