The road, carriageway, lane and hard shoulder

The following diagram describes the road and various parts of it.

  • A: Road - The road contains everything. Carriageway, lane and hard shoulder)
  • B: Carriageway - The carriage way is the area where traffic predominantly drive on. The carriage way goes in both directions. Sometimes the carriageway can have multiple lanes such as a highway
  • C: Lane - The lane is designated for one vehicle in either direction. On some roads the lanes are marked eq in suburbs
  • D: Hardshoulder - The hardshoulder is outside the carriageway. It is used for.
    • Safety zone (lane): Only used by pedestrians, cyclists, moped drivers and slow-moving vehicles.
    • This is not a car lane, and you should not be used as an additional lane if not instructed to by either construction signs or police signs
    • Use to facilitate overtaking: You can drive here briefly to accomodate someone to overtake you.
    • When driving back onto the carriageway you must give way to all cars on the carriageway
road 1