Different learning styles and techniques

Some situations require us to learn things in a certain manner. Eg: If your dad repeatedly do a risky vehicle maneuver when you were a child you would learn that its okay to do that maneuver even thow it is risky and dangerous

book learning

Deep learning:

Deep learning is trying to to comprehend the entire concept/details as well as the reasoning behind why there are certain rules. You seek understanding and context.

  • Good: This type of learning leads to life long memory retention.
  • Bad: It takes alot of time


This is when you learn a concept or task so well that you can subcontiously do the task without thinking about it. It becomes "second nature". A good example is when you change gears while pressing in the clutch pedal.

  • Good: You can then focus and concentrate more on things around you
  • Bad: You get confident in your abilities and take risky chances.

Imitation learning

When you imitate or mimic someone else's behaviour . This might be beneficial or detrimental, depending on who you are learning from. You might have an idol/celebrity that preform amazing car maneuvers in movies. You then want to imitate the same maneuvers in real life only to find out that it does not work like that.

  • Good: If the person your imitating is safe and cautious driver
  • Bad: If the person is a reckless driver, not following road rules

Superficial learning

Superficial learning refers to the practice of memorizing everything in order to pass a theory test.

  • Good: You save a lot of time by skipping theory
  • Bad: You don't see the bigger picture, understand detailed concepts and will forget what you've learnt

Probability learning

Probability learning involves assessing the likelihood of something occurring based on past experience with the scenario.

  • Good: It reduces the time to consider all scenarious and you can act quickly, which is required on the roads
  • Bad: You can under or over estimate the scenario which can result in a collision (Example: Driving around a bend at certain speed, but one day the same bend has ice on the road)