Risk 2 is a mandatory course for some EU countries, not for all, that you need to complete before you do your theory exam The course covers how to handle dangerous situations, maneuver the car on a slippery surface, breaking hard on wet road, turning on a wet road. etc

skid risk2 Car skidding on training course

Content of the course

  • Introduction
  • Safety of the car, wheels, steering, braking, etc
  • Escape from a car that's turned around
  • Simulated crash at 7km/h (Strapped into a dummy test chair)
  • Skid course driving
    • Drive between cones
    • Drive at different speeds and break hard
    • Brake on wet road
    • Brake on wet road will turning
    • Avoidance manoeuvre (drive around objects)


It is important that you are comfortable with driving a car before you book Risk 2 (You will be in the car either by yourself or with an instructor). You will need to be able to handle the car in a safe manner

Price and duration

  • Price: 180-250 EUR
  • Duration: 3-4 Hours
  • Valid: 5 years (If your license is revoked you will have to redo the course)